Who We Are

About Us

At Guardsman, we take the title of "furniture care professionals" very seriously. From the technicians we hire, to our own furniture guru, Sue—we have a strong history behind us, and a clear outlook on what’s to come.


Our Technicians


Our TechniciansTraining

Field technicians that go through the Guardsman training program are given an extensive, hands-on education in the repair of wood, leather, and fabric furniture as well as the structural/mechanical elements that lie beneath. We teach skills using the types of damage that are most frequently reported by our customers. Not only do we train our technicians thoroughly, but they are each equipped with our own line of field-tested professional repair products.


Our TechniciansIn the Field

After training and assessment is complete, we assign each technician to jobs that are in their location and area of expertise, and they begin immediately to get hands-on field experience. Through our team of technical advisors, we develop a unique relationship with each technician by mentoring them and offering phone support, if needed, during each on-site visit.


Our TechniciansAlways Improving

In the end, we only retain technicians whose work is continuously proven successful in the field. And because Guardsman monitors each work order, we are able to modify training procedures and products to continuously improve on our technicians’ performance and efficiency—and your satisfaction.


As far as experts go, we struck gold with Sue.

An employee of Guardsman since 1991, she began as a color stylist and technical coatings expert. She was responsible for formulating wood finishes and troubleshooting finishing operations for manufacturers across North America. Today, Sue manages the technician-training program and constantly develops new repair products and methods for our teams.

With 34 years of experience in finishing, refinishing, and repairing furniture under her belt, Sue is one of the main reasons we’re able to provide high quality on-site care and repair services.

Our Story in a Nutshell

The Beginning

Guardsman was founded in 1915 in Grand Rapids, Michigan, as a varnish development and production company.

Product Launch

Early on, we began creating furniture polishes under the Guardsman name. In the 1960's, at the demand of manufacturers, we created our first in a long series of fabric protection products.

Global Expansion

During the 1970s we first began offering furniture protection plans in the US, which we later expanded to countries outside—in North America, Europe, and Australia.

Innovation Leads the Way

By 1995, we grew into the company we are today—providing service to furniture manufacturers and retailers, and their customers. Our years of creating new and better products and services were really paying off.

Looking Forward

Today at Guardsman, we continue to grow, improve, reimagine, and innovate within the furniture industry. This includes offering on-site care and repair services to make your life easier and your pride last longer.